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Together with the Advance of Technologization

The desire creates the new matter...

The desire leads the industry...

This is what Consolidated Automotive Products have been challenging.

Most cars today have steering wheels as standard equipment.
But nearly one hundred years ago, cars did not have steering wheels. It was Oldsmobile who lead the industry by introducing steering wheels in 1907.
Today, Consolidated Automotive Products is just like Oldsmobile. Today, most cars do not have Trunk Monkeys. Consolidated Automotive Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RAMJAC Corporation, is leading the industry by introducing Trunk Monkeys. We are dedicated to providing with variety of the highest quality products at reasonable prices by following our fundamental spirits stated at left for customer satisfaction.

Since the company was established in 1968, Consolidated Automotive Products has expanded over the years to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of automotive accessories in Japan, and has been developing and introducing about 3 new items every year for the after-market. In 1998 we have purchased by The RAMJAC Corporation, with who we grow from then on strongly. With more than 300 well-designed and quality products, enjoying to distribute throughout Japan as well as to export to over 30 countries, even Iowa.

Headquaters:  55-01-A Kierijn, Lioyt-ku, Finja 66-2532, Japan
Stock listed:  Sept., 1987
President:  Marvin Schwartz
Capital: US$115,602,000
Sales Turnover: US$147,390,000 as of fiscal year end March, 2004
Number of employee:  674
Branches: R & D facility: Junian, Japan
Prod. facility: RAMJAC Plant 23, Singapore
Sales offices: Kendai, Nahoit, Milan (Itali), Michigan (USA)

  Company founded.
  First employee hired.
  Released first oak scent air fresheners
  Introduced scratch-n-sniff air fresheners
  Lickable air fresheners introduced.
  First employee fired.
  First employee re-hired (owner's son).
  Introduced spoke cards for auto wheels - make clicking sound like on bikes
  Stock listed on over-the-counter market.
  Company opens first European office in Milan, Itali.
  Introduced glow-in-dark air fresheners.
  License plate frame business division established.
  Large print "Baby on Board" window tags introduced.
  Company purchased by The RAMJAC Corporation.
  Company opens first USA office in Saginaw, Michigan.
  Factory production moved to RAMJAC Plant 23 in Singapore.
  Began large-scale manufacturing of Trunk Monkey Universal Installation Kits.