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Together with the Advance of Technologization

The desire creates the new matter...

The desire leads the industry...

This is what Consolidated Automotive Products have been challenging.

55-01-A Kierijn, Lioyt-ku, Finja 66-2532, Japan
Tel: 84-324-2309-3312   Fax: 84-324-2309-5546

Research and Development Facility
232-19 Ojinkosa Chome, Jurian 21-6998, Japan
Tel: 86-755-2812-9955   Fax: 86-755-2812-2213


Parent Corporation
RAMJAC Corporation
1 Empire Way
Saginaw, Michigan 48601
Tel: 1-800-4-RAMJAC
E-Mail: info@ramjac-corporation.com